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Title: Youthful Viennese Masterpieces
Performed by: Mayfield Festival Choir
Promoted by: Mayfield Festival
Time: Sunday, 10 May 2015, at 7:30pm
Place: St Dunstan’s Church, Mayfield
Description: Mayfield Festival Choir, conducted by Jeremy Summerly and accompanied by London Primavera orchestra (leader Paul Manley) will be performing a programme of Youthful Viennese Masterpieces (Schubert's German Stabat Mater and Mozart's Mass in C minor).
The Great Mass in C minor was written when Mozart had recently moved to Vienna in order to find fame and fortune. It was designed to show the people of his native Salzburg what a success he was making of his freelance career in the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Even more importantly, the C-minor Mass was composed to showcase the vocal prowess of Mozart’s new wife, Constanze, whom Mozart took as his Soprano soloist to Salzburg in order to parade her in front of his father, sister, and former employer, the Archbishop of Salzburg.
In this concert, Mozart’s 27-year old powers of invention are complemented by the genius of the 20-year old Schubert. Schubert’s German Stabat mater was also written in Vienna and was dedicated to the composer’s brother, Ferdinand. Unlike the Latin words to the Stabat mater, which concentrate on Mary’s grief at her son’s suffering on the cross, the German paraphrase of the text puts the figure of Christ at the heart of the Schubert’s oratorio.
This concert may be unsuitable for anyone over the age of thirty, since the high level of creative assurance and technical proficiency displayed by the young Mozart and Schubert can fuel dangerous levels of envy.
Tickets: Ticket cost £22, £19, £10 (half price for under 18s) and will be available from 27 March: a/ online at; b/ in person or by post from MFC Box Office, c/o Rosina Fabrics and Wools, High Street, Mayfield, East Sussex TN20 6AB (if applying by post state how many tickets you would like, at which price, a cheque payable to Mayfield Festival Choir and an s.a.e.)
Contact: Jane Bolger

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