Sussex Concerts

Concert Details

Time: Wednesday, 20 March 2019, at 12:30am
Place: St Nicholas’ Church, Brighton
Description: BELLADONNA, Sue Mileham, Soprano, Nicola Grunberg, Piano and Jane Plessner, Clarinet combine to bring you FOLK, FORTITUDE AND FLIRTATIOUSNESS at St. Nicholas’ Church, Dyke Road, Brighton, on Wednesday, 20th March at 12.30. This delightful programme includes some lesser-known pieces for the combination, including Meyerbeer’s Hirtenlied (surely a little cousin of Schubert’s famous Shepherd on the Rock) and the extravaganza From Ganges’ Beauteous Strands by the virtuoso clarinettist Bernhard Crussell (if dancing maidens and Indian goddesses are your thing, this is it!), plus Mozart, McCabe, Arne and Greaves. Entrance: £3 donation, 45 minutes.
Tickets: Suggested donation, £3
Contact: sue mileham

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