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Title: Sound of Music Sing-a-Long (evening)
Promoted by: Mayfield Festival
Time: Wednesday, 6 May 2020, at 6:15pm
Place: Concert Hall, St Leonards-Mayfield School, Mayfield
Description: It’s impossible to watch The Sound of Music without joining in. At Mayfield you will be able to enjoy this legendary piece of musical theatre in actual ‘surround-sound’. The movie plays, and the audience sings along. All the lyrics appear on-screen, and you’re encouraged to join in with every number. If your voice gives out with fatigue or emotion, Maria and the Captain will carry on for you. The hills are alive…

Hats and costumes optional! We are delighted that the Mayfield Brass Youth Band will be playing an ‘Overture’ and members of MayZing will add even more vocal strength to the songs.
Tickets: £12.50
Contact: Jonnie Jones

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