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Title: Prima le parole: La Bella Italia in words and music
Performed by: Brighton Consort
Time: Saturday, 22 June 2024, at 7:00pm
Place: St Paul’s Church, Brighton
Description: Prima le parole: La Bella Italia in words and music. The Italian language is known as ‘the singers’ language’ and sometimes considered to be ‘The Language of Love’. Many leading composers of the 16th century lived and worked in Renaisssance Italy and spoke Italian. The concert title is a quote from Claudio Monteverdi and translates as ‘The words come first’. This concert will feature beautiful, lyrical music either sung in Italian or inspired by all things Italian, interspersed with readings about music, beauty, and la bella vita!
Tickets: Tickets (£12, £6 concessions, under 12s free) can be purchased on the Brighton Consort website (, or you can ring 01273 833746 or buy tickets on the door.

Contact: Mike Clemens

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